Mail from Barcelona, 2001.10.30
Dear Suzuki friends, parents and teachers,

I send you greetings and love from Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to visit your beautiful Web site on my friend's computer. The Barcelona Suzuki piano parents would like to congratulate you on the work you have done to make this site so attractive and so full of information. Please send special love to Smiltys and his family. I think of him often and the picture he drew after the events of September llth is terribly moving and a powerful image for peace. The paintings he gave me will go up in my studio when I start teaching my own students in Brussels.

I recently watched again a video I have of a television documentary on Dr. Suzuki which was filmed in Japan when he was 93 years old. It is called 10,000 Twinkling Stars, and I hope to be able to show it to you the next time I meet with you. In it he speaks often of his desire to work with love to reach all children of the world, and to help them to develop their full potential as sensitive human beings who are able to help others. We all have a responsibility to nurture the finest qualities of children, and music is one way to reach out to all people without language.

Many parents have realised that through patient work, their children have developed better concentration and have learned how to work towards a goal without giving up. The piano teacher in Matsumoto, Mrs. Kataoka, compares the child's mind to a computer which stores up the things he has heard most often from his parents, and uses them later on as he is growing up. That is why it is so important to give them positive images of themselves , especially in a world where we are confronted with so many negative events and images. Suzuki himself says "We must not give up on any child. There is no such thing as a child who cannot be educated. Music can open a child's heart, and give him a finer appreciation of life." I think we all need courage and big hearts for the days ahead, but the children can help us to look ahead and to move with the life force.

with love
Ruth Miura